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Industrial Elevator Rentals

Industrial Rentals

McDonough Elevators offers construction hoist rentals for a variety of industrial applications including plant turnarounds, outages, and new plant construction. We have personnel/material hoists suitable for use in classified hazardous environments (NEC Class 1, Division 2) that will be perfect for your industrial project. With our deep experience in the industry we understand that time is of the essence on your project, and every day your unit is shut down you are losing money. Your project needs to be done both quickly and safely. That’s why we prioritize safety training, equipment reliability, and service at McDonough Elevators.

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Industrial Elevator Rentals

Personnel/material hoists suitable for use in classified hazardous environments (NEC Class 1, Division 2)

Dimensions & Capacity

The chart below shows the lifting capacity, car dimensions, and lifting speed for industrial elevators. Customized capacities, car speeds, and features for construction hoists are available.

Elevator Type
Load Capacity
Lifting Speed
Car Interior Width
Car Interior Length
Car Interior Height
6,000 lb (2,700 kg)
150 to 300 ft/min (46 to 91 m/min)
4’8” (1.4m)
12’4” (3.8m)
7’2” ( 2.2m)
6,000 lb (2,700 kg)
150 to 300 ft/min (46 to 91 m/min)
4’8” (1.4m)
12’4 (3.8m)
7’2” (2.2m)
7,200 lb (3,270 kg)
230 ft/min (70 m/min)
4’11” (1.5m)
13’ - 6 1/4” (4.12m)
8’ 2” (2.49m)
7,200 lb (3,270 kg)
230 ft/min (70 m/min)
4’-10 7/8” (1.5m)
13’ - 6 1/8” (4.12m)
8’ 1/2” (2.45m)


Our entire service team is required to complete both OSHA 30 safety training and McDonough’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) upon hire.  Our team also participates in additional safety training on a monthly basis to ensure they are up to date on our latest safety protocols.  Many of our technicians have TWIC, DISA, and MSHA credentials to ensure we are prepared to service your industrial project. 

Equipment Reliability 

Unreliable equipment can adversely affect productivity on your project.  That’s why hoist reliability is essential for you to meet your project schedule.  At McDonough we have achieved the highest standard for equipment make-ready in the construction industry.  Our extensive and detailed make-ready checklist includes over 100 items to ensure that our equipment is reliable, safe, and ready to perform when it arrives on your jobsite. 


Despite our proven make-ready process, we all know that equipment is subject to untimely breakdowns.  A fully functioning piece of equipment is essential, and we understand the urgency to return the equipment to service after a breakdown.  That’s why we prioritize service at McDonough.  Our service centers are strategically positioned in Anaheim, Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, and Tampa Bay so that we can service projects across the United States.  We pride ourselves on our quick response times and the quality of our service.  We will work to get our experienced service technicians onsite as quickly as possible to get your hoist up and running.  

McDonough also offers standby technicians to be onsite during your high-volume work to ensure maximum uptime of the elevator.  The technician onsite will also have a stock of essential parts to keep the hoist running during the most critical phases of your project.  Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the benefits of our standby technicians today. 

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