Elevator Refurbishment Process

McDonough Elevator Sales & Rentals has the ability to refurbish and modernize any model rack and pinion elevator. McDonough's experienced field staff will visit your site and perform a complete elevator inspection to determine the critical components to be replaced. The below elevator was completely refurbished and sold to a power plant for installation on a boiler.

Boiler Elevator Full Refurbishment


Begin by stripping all components including motor, doors, walls, floor and roof.

Refurbishment Process Part 1

Replace all corroded memebers of the car frame and drive package.

Refurbishment Process Part 2


Hot-dip galvanize entire car frame for superior corrosion protection.

Refurbishment Process Part 3

Install new floor, skins, roof, and electrical components.

Refurbishment Process Part 4


Install motor/brake/gearbox assembly, resistors and chain drive car gates.

Refurbishment Process Part 5

Install new rollers, drive pinion, limit switches and overspeed safety device. Elevator car is complete and ready to ship.

Refurbishment Process Part 6


Elevator installed and running on boiler.

Refurbishment Process Part 7


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