Elevator Modernization & Refurbishing

Refurbished Elevator

McDonough Elevators has the ability to refurbish and modernize any model rack and pinion elevator. From a fleet of construction hoists to permanently installed industrial elevators; including stack elevators, scrubber elevators, boiler elevators, coker elevators, and more. McDonough's experienced field staff will visit your site and perform a complete elevator inspection to determine the critical components to be modernized.

Rack-and-pinion elevators are manufactured to survive in the harshest environments, but operation of the elevator as it becomes worn and dated can lead to costly repairs or even replacement of the entire system. Older elevators often become unreliable, which can have a negative effect on the passengers who ride them. At McDonough Elevators, we understand the impact this can have on your plant's overall performance, productivity, and morale to have a refurbished elevator.

Our elevator modernization packages are an attractive option in situations where higher capital costs and excessive downtime for a full elevator replacement are just not feasible.

Advantages of Elevator Modernization

  • improved reliability
  • enhanced safety
  • lower maintenance costs
  • better ride quality

Standard elevator modernization packages include variable frequency drive, call-systems, corrosion resistant materials, and hazardous-area explosion proof options.

Our expert team will carry out rack & pinion elevator refurbishing surveys and issue reports on the condition of the equipment.  We will advise you of all current safety standards to which the elevator should conform, and the best and most cost effective way to transform it, giving it both first class performance and longevity. Contact us today to schedule a site visit and evaluation of your elevators.

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