Offshore Drilling Rig Elevators & Hoists

Working in the Marine and Offshore environment comes with its own set of challenges. Our drilling rig elevators provide safe, economical access and are able to stand up to the harsh working environment. Our rugged construction provides superior strength and long-life performance of these industrial marine elevators. Special materials, coating systems, and explosion proof options are available for harsh marine or offshore environments. 

Installing a passenger rig elevator encourages frequent maintenance and inspections of all platform equipment necessary to keep a rig or vessel running smoothly by eliminating the need for climbing. Compact design means that an oil rig elevator can be installed in as little as 16 square feet of base area. Elevators are ANSI A17.1, DNV & ABS Compliant elevators are available.

Industrial Offshore & Marine Elevator Uses:

  • Production Platform
  • Jack Up Rig
  • Semi-Submersible
  • Tension Leg Platform
  • FPSO
  • Ships
  • Port Crane


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