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Elevator Installation

McDonough Elevators is a licensed elevator contractor and installs rack and pinion elevators using qualified, trained personal.  We are a full-service installer providing installations, jumps, and dismantles.  Our service technicians are adept at understanding our equipment and the most efficient means of installation.  Our technicians go through an extensive training program focused on safety, rack and pinion technology, and construction techniques. 

There are several installation methods depending upon the height of the structure, location of the hoist, tie-in points, and the ability to use overhead cranes.  The installation plan is discussed with our customers in advance so that there are no delays in the process.  Additionally, our technicians perform a pre-task safety analysis and complete any permits required prior to starting work.

Before a hoist is put into service, a 50 point turnover checklist is completed, along with a full-load drop test witnessed by the required state or local inspectors.  To finish the project we provide on-site training of the hoist users.

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