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Industrial Hoist Rental

Temporary industrial hoist rental is a convenient and cost effective solution for turnarounds and outages.  Workers are moved efficiently, productivity is improved, and plant inspections can occur on a regular basis.  Installing a temporary industrial hoist makes sense for many short-term projects, turnarounds, or outages.  There is an increased awareness in plant safety departments, turnaround managers and general contractors requesting temporary and/or permanent elevators for the taller structures within their facilities. Typical units where temporary hoists are placed include FCC, crude, coker, vacuum, furnaces, boilers and selective catalytic reduction, just to name a few.  

Temporary industrial hoists are installed to increase worker safety and worker productivity.  Climbing and descending stairs and cage ladders is very physical. Workers often have heavy tools and material to transport. By providing them with a means of arriving at the work front safely and quickly, overall schedule compliance is enhanced. An enclosed industrial hoist provides safe, reliable, vertical transportation for workers, inspectors, materials, and maintenance personnel.  Elevators provide enhanced safety in emergency situations, allowing medical technicians to evacuate employees quickly and safely.

Industrial Hoist

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