Explosion Proof Hoist Rental - Rental Demolition Hoists

Explosion Proof Hoist Rental

We rent rack and pinion hoists that are suitable for hazardous environments.  Explosion proof rental hoists conform to ANSI A10.4 and NEC Class 1, Division 2 requirements. Elevators are designed to protect personnel and materials, are fully-enclosed, and have heavy-duty galvanized steel frames. 

Available features include:

  • Fully Assembled Enclosed Car
  • Over Speed Safety Governor
  • Two Vertically Bi-Parting Car Gates
  • Control and Limit Switches
  • Manual Hand Lever Control
  • Base Fence Enclosure with Landing Gate
  • Base Power Disconnect
  • Car & Counterweight Buffers
  • Power Cord & Counterweight Cables
  • Power Cord Trailing Wheel
  • Interior Car Lighting

Many optional features are available, depending upon your jobsite needs:

  • Landing Gates
  • Base Landing Platform
  • Erection Cranes
  • Hoist Operators
  • Voice Communication
  • Custom Door Locations
  • Loading Docks
  • Self Erection
  • Free Standing
  • Custom Car Sizes


US-60-1RX - Single Car

US-60-2RX - Dual Car


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