Elevator Repair Service

McDonough Elevators provides extensive repair services for all brands and manufacturers of rack and pinion elevators. Our deep experience with and knowledge of the equipment allows us to provide timely and dependable repairs on your rack and pinion elevators. Our experienced technicians are licensed as well as OSHA/MSHA certified. Our technician training programs allow us to keep current with technology and ensure quality is of the highest priority. McDonough Elevators also provides in-house technical support as part of our everyday services.

Elevator Repair Service Process


Begin by stripping all components including motor, doors, walls, floor and roof.

Elevator Repair Services Part 1

Replace all corroded memebers of the car frame and drive package.

Elevator Repair Services Part 2


Hot-dip galvanize entire car frame for superior corrosion protection.

Elevator Repair Services Part 3

Install new floor, skins, roof, and electrical components.

Elevator Repair Services Part 4


Install motor/brake/gearbox assembly, resistors and chain drive car gates.

Elevator Repair Services Part 5

Install new rollers, drive pinion, limit switches and overspeed safety device. Elevator car is complete and ready to ship.

Elevator Repair Services Part 6


Elevator installed and running on boiler.

Elevator Repair Services Part 7


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