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Construction Hoists

Our standard construction hoists feature fully galvanized cars, galvanized enclosures and tower, manual controls and power cable. We have a philosophy of using high tech solutions and offering machines that are robust and durable enough to withstand the most arduous site conditions and the roughest of treatment. Our construction hoists offer a low cost of ownership, with a minimum of spares and consumables being required. Custom car sizes, door locations, and explosion proof packages are also available.

Transport Platforms - Typically transport platforms are similar in design to mast climbers. They are open-air and designed to be used exclusively by specially trained personnel.   Unique in design, they attach directly to the structure/building. 

Material Lifts - Material lifts are used to move people and material on a construction site quickly and efficiently. 

Refurbished Elevator Sales - Refurbished rack and pinion elevators (see refurbishment process) are a cost effective alternative to buying new equipment. McDonough Elevators can refurbish any elevator for permanent or temporary use, often saving customers up to 50% on the cost of new equipment. Additionally, lead time for delivery of a refurbished rack and pinion hoist is dramatically reduced, normally only four (4) to six (6) weeks for a complete refurbishment and modernization.

Dimensions & Capacity

The chart below shows the lifting capacity, car dimensions, and lifting speed for industrial elevators. Customized capacities, car speeds, and features for construcion hoists are available. 

Load Capacity 6,000 lb (2,700kg) 7,200 lb (3,270kg)
Standard Lifting Speed 230 fpm (1.17 m/s) 230 fpm (1.17 m/s)
Car Interior Width 4'11" (1.5m) 4'11" (1.5m)
Car Interior Length 12' 3?" (3.75m) 13' 6¼" (4.12m)
Car Interior Height 8' 2" (2.4 m) 8' 2" (2.4 m)
Car Door Clear Opening 4'-10 7/8" (1495 mm) x 7'-0 1/2" (2150 mm) 4'-10 7/8" (1495 mm) x 7'-0 1/2" (2150 mm)
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Standard Features 

  • Fully Assembled Enclosed Car
  • Over Speed Safety Governor
  • Two (2) Vertically Bi-Parting Car Doors
  • Manual or Automatic Controls
  • Base Fence Enclosure
  • Base Power Disconnect
  • Painted Mesh Upper Walls
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Lower Walls
  • Composite Power & Control Cable
  • Power Cord Trailing Wheel
  • Interior Car Lighting
  • Base-Level Alarm
  • Interlocked Roof Hatch
  • Base Frame & 20' (6.1m) Tower
  • Base-Level Buffers & Galvanized Buffer Stand

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